Sona Hakobyan | SONČESS

"I am SONCESS – the sun, the air, the nature, the color and the tint, simplicity with its all complications."

Since 2008, SONCESS create unique collections of ready-made clothes with particular focus on casual and luxury casual styles, inspired by free spirit and aspiration to be different.

By mixing the items that seems to be non-combinable – materials, fabric, components and colors, Sona fully enjoy the spirit of freedom and inexhaustible desire to create unique things.Simple and natural materials have their unique place in the collections while bold and colorful details paved the road towards expression of the SONCESS brand’s originality. Character created by SONCESS is bold, distinct and eternal creature that is not afraid to transform herself, experiment, create and hover together with me.

SONCESS collection, presented at Yerevan Fashion Week was full of nature - Armenian nature. Lines of mountains and gorges, winding roads, colors of the Earth – this is what inspired Sona Hakobyan and shaped her collection. The collection was the SONCESS interpretation of Armenian landscape.