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Alla Pavlova | Z.G.EST

Z.G.EST is a young Armenian fashion brand well recognized among fashion lovers and very successful in the local market. The brand put high emphasis on quality, capturing the newest trends in the fashion world and bringing unique design touches to collections. 

They aim to build inspirational pieces that create an exceptional experience, tell a story and emotionally appeal to the customers. Z.G.EST is encrypted as Zero Gravity Established to state that the clothes are comfortable and cozy,giving the feeling of zero gravity. ‚ÄčEach collection of Z.G.EST can be recognized by three main features: smart style, son-standard design solutions, shirt as the core and prevailing item.

Z.G.EST creates two main collections per year as well as comes up with several capsule collections that are limited edition with each item produced in less than five pieces to minimize the risk of meeting someone else wears the same look.