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Ani Mkrchyan | PETOOR

Founded in 2016, Petoor, which means "feather" in Armenian, is a brand for women that creates pajamas and dressing gowns, equally good, both for sleeping and for walking. “In our pajamas you can walk outside, meet with friends, go out for morning coffee to your favorite cafe, make air travel to distant exotic countries and of course go to parties.”

The prêt-à-porter brand also have its separate shoe and silver accessories lines. “We are experimenting with fabrics – flowing tender silk, aerial viscose, cotton depending on the season and our mood.”

Today, the company, besides the large number of loyal clients, also collaborates with famous singers, acresses, TV hosts and other public figures, promoting Petoor's style. The exclusive face of Petoor is the famous leading jazz singer Marine Hakobyan, Marbey.