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Narek Jhangiryan | JHANGIRIAN

"Jhangirian's Philosophy consists of dreaming, breaking norms and creating a clan." Narek Jhangirian is a young Armenian designer. He started participating at fashion shows from the age of 17 and established his eponym brand in 2017. Narek has his first exhibition at the Academy of Arts and earned the title of « The Youngest Armenian Designer."

Jhangirian’s aim was to prove that quality is not always dependant on numbers. At the age of 17, Narek Jhangirian ran his first fashion show, during which he introduced his very first collection. Especially in Armenia, the main message that Narek brings is equality. He is pioneering this message throughout the industry. Jhangirian broke all the stereotypes that often become an obstacle for young and talented individuals in the process of making their dreams and ideas a reality.

The 20-year-old designer is more than sure that dreaming is always the first step in the way of creating something special. While having a hard time in his life, Narek Jhangirian always dreamed of making a clothing line which will become an armor for the person who is wearing it.