Gayane Soghomonyan | SOGHOMONYAN FASHION

Gayane Soghomonyan is in apparel business for already 23 years. She started studying in the fashion design department of the College of Light Industry in Yerevan, which she graduated in 1994.

Then Gayane continued her education as a fashion designer in the school-studio of “Atex” Fashion Center, where after graduation in 1996 she started working in the workshop-laboratory as a designer-technologist. After couple of years Gayane found her own design studio - Soghomonyan Fashion.

The brand was found in 1995, the main directions of Soghomonyan fashion are individual collections in prêt-à-porter and costumes with ethnic elements. Absolutely everything can inspire Gayne, starting from nature and culture, ending with fleeting moments and music. Historical facts play a fundamental role in the creation of each look.