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Anahit Baveyan is the Founder and Designer of the Baveyan brand.
The costumes are tailored to complement each shape of the human body and boast distinctive elements that highlight femininity. Additionally, each item features unique handmade embroidery of national values. They use only high-quality fabrics, and it would be impossible to overlook BAVEYAN’s special neat and flawless tailoring.
Anahit Baveyan discovered her passion for fashion at a young age . It all started with designing dresses and accessories that aligned with her personal style and the individuality of her dolls. As time passed, she expanded her creativity to include outfits for her daughter and friends, each unique to their character and taste. Their appreciation and admiration for her work further ignited her passion and inspired her to pursue fashion design professionally. Since 2004, she decided to turn her hobby into a profession.
Between 2007 and 2010, she received an education at the Atex Fashion House, where she became a Fashion Designer and a Technologist in the Apparel Industry. She continued her education at the Atex-Burgo Fashion Center, where she focused on becoming a Stylist and a Sketcher.
The role of AGBU has been significant in Baveyan's success. AGBU pays special attention to female entrepreneurs and the Baveyan brand has been highly appreciated by well-known fashion bloggers and professionals.

Fashion shows have played a significant role in helping Anahit Baveyan gain recognition. It was through these shows that she had the opportunity to present her collection of pleated dresses, which have become her business card. The high-quality fabric used in the dresses is produced in Lebanon, by special order of Baveyan, and cannot be found in any store in Armenia.
Currently, Anahit Baveyan is a member of Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia, which provides her brand with the opportunity to be presented on international fashion platforms and gain recognition beyond Armenia.
Plisse. Revival
The eclectic collection, presented at Yerevan Fashion week is an expression of Anahit Baveyan's great love towards plisse fabric. Anahit fell in love with plisse four years ago when she discovered a unique production of the fabric and began her cooperation with the manufacturer. The designer is convinced, plisse is a kind of a fabric for the whole year, and to her “plisse topic’’ is revived and reborn each season and is new every time. For Anahit a constant source of inspiration is the admiration and love of her customers towards her creations since in that very love she discovers the love she has put in the creation process. She is obsessed with geometrical forms and shapes, vertical lines and has used them all in her new collection. The collection is in black, white, silver and silver-bluish colors. The black “Baveyan” loafers on the models will be paired with delicate dresses demonstrating a combination of femininity and roughness.