Mika Danielyan | HARMONY YEREVAN

«Designing and sketching looks are not just a job, it is my lifestyle, the world I live in and where I want to see women in beauty»

Michael Danielyan started studying fashion design at the “Professional Technical Gymnasia”. He continued his studies at Armenian Fashion Center “ATEX” and worked there later as a fashion designer and a runway choreographer. Over the 10 years of his career at Atex, Michael took part in number of competitions. In 2000, Michael participated in the fashion competition “Armenian Silhouette”. His collection was nominated as “The best collection made with non-traditional materials”.

In 2002 Michael won a Grand Prix at an international competition “Hope of Europe” in Sochi, Russia. In 2004 Michael represented Armenia in the “Days of Slavonic culture in Paris”. A year later, the President of Armenia awarded Michael Danielyan with a gold medal for achievements in the sphere of art and cinema. In 2006 he represented his collection during the opening ceremony of the “Year of Armenia in Russia” in Moscow Kremlin, Russia.

Michael Danielyan’s career took a turnover after 2011, when he became the creative director of an Armenian womenswear brand “Harmony Yerevan” founded by Lilit Tonakanyan, a self taught fashion artist. She gathered a strong team that helped her create a brand that stands out with its concept and style. The very first member of the team was Michael Danielyan, currently, the creative director of “Harmony Yerevan”.

Over the seven years of its history, “Harmony Yerevan” has managed to present eleven collections. Despite each collection being shaped around different concepts, having various sources of inspiration, the brand has developed a recognizable style and signature, that creates a unity within all collections. Harmony Yerevan has a wide clientele, coming from different spheres, with different preferences. Among our loyal clients are local celebrities, politicians, and spouses of diplomatic representatives. In 2017, Harmony Yerevan launched its new line, under the brand name “Young Harmony” for young girls who like fresh and sporty looks, and are courageous enough to wear contemporary and conceptual clothing.

Step into a world where fashion and peace intertwine with the introduction of "Equilibria". This is the Young Harmony collection, presented at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK. With a military-inspired theme, this captivating collection features a timeless color palette of red, indigo, white, and black, alongside the creative use of denim, cotton, and organza. In the enchanting reality of “Equilibria” fashion becomes a powerful symbol of balance and peace, urging individuals to embrace harmony in a world longing for tranquility.