Arevik Simonyan | KIVERA NAYNOMIS

"Elegance, noble classics, feminity, masterful handwork and impressive portfolio" are what Kivera Naynomis, one of the leading deluxe apparel in Armenia, is known for.

Founded by the fashion desginer Arevik Simonyan, the brand has two lines, Kivera Naynomis, the luxury line and Kivera, the casual line, including everyday clothes for women. Kivera is represented in the USA, Russia, Spain, Qatar and Italy. Arevik Simonyan is a member of the "Association of Russian artists" in Paris, as well as the member of the "Union of Designers" both in Moscow and Armenia.

She presented her first collection in 2007 at Russian Fashion Week. Along with two seasonal collections and showroom presentations held both in Yerevan and Moscow, the brand’s production was successfully sold during the last years. Kivera Naynomis has collaborated with various film production companies, as well as local and international celebrities, who like to wear her gowns at different formal events. 

Kivera Naynomis has undoubtedly established itself as an epitome of classical tailoring that pays its tribute to the established traditions in culture, art and architecture

“I am Armenian” – this is the name of the collection “Kivera” brand presented at Yerevan Fashion Week. For the creation of the collection the designer of the brand Arevik Simonyan has been inspired by the History of Armenia. The collection is a wonderful combination of the inherent characteristics of the brand – elegance and femininity and Armenianness: the collection showcases Armenian cultural heritage in a new light with “Kivera” imprints.
Arevik Simonyan thinks that it is possible to create a whole collection based upon a single Armenian
ornament and each element of the Armenian Miniature is a new world to discover. “Kivera” brings to light the things that are and will eternally remain in the Armenian culture.