Kevork Shadoyan | SHADOYAN FASHION

"Don't imitate others, create your own and be distinguished". Shadoyan Fashion Couture House was founded in 1999 by the Syrian-Armenian fashion designer Kevork Shadoyan. In 1997, Kevork graduated from the CAMM Fashion Academy and the ESMOD Fashion School in Lebanon. In 2004, he was conferred his Master's degree from the Yerevan State Academy on Fine Arts as a "Decorative Designer of Textile Manufacture".

Kevork has participated in the "Celebration of Thai Silk 2017" to represent Armenia and traditional Armenian costume made with Thai silk. In 2015, he won the prize for Best Foreign Collection at the "Estest Fashion Week" in Moscow. In addition to owning and operating the Shadoyan Fahion Couture House, Kevork teaches fashion designing and pattern making at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. He also teaches Art at an International School in Armenia. 

The Shadoyan Fashion brand has a "Haute Couture" and a "Prêt-à-Porter" line including wedding and evening dresses to casual one's but also shirts, shoes, bags, accessories as well as souvenirs. His evening dresses have some unique charm due to the fact that he uses white raw silf, which is dyed and covered with beads and then embroidered according to his clients' tastes. 

The new collections have been presented in many countries such as USA, Australia, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Lebanon, as well as in fashion capitals such as Moscow and Paris. Kevork also appreciates and enjoys the patronage of many famous people in Armenia and abroad such as sungers, dancers, models, journalists...).

Kevork Shadoyan’s collection, which will be presented at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK, consists of two parts.
The collection to be presented in the first part of the show is called “From Reincarnation to Independence” and is devoted to the 100 th anniversary of the Armenian First Republic and the second collection of evening dresses is devoted to the memory of the designer’s beloved mother. The dominant topics of the collection are sorrow, loss, yearning. The topic of Heaven in the collection symbolizes the strong conviction that our lost beloved ones are in Heaven.