Tereza Gharabaghtsyan Teress

Emotional, elegant, classy, confident, comfortable at the same time.

This is Teress.

Our team is in love turning everyday “what to wear?” struggle into enjoyable

experience of both being yourself and keeping up with fashion.

We make our best to provide our beloved customers with the feeling of

comfort and self-confidence.

Founded in Armenia back in 2014 Teress first appeared to the public with its’ “No

Black Nature” collection inspired by nature in urban cities and expressing the

the contrast between the two.

Currently, the brand is working on 4 directions aimed to provide its customers

with a large variety of choice:

  •  Teress-the mainline of the brand: seasonal and mid-season collections-

showing our view of life.

  •  Teress basic for daily elegance independent of trends.
  •  Teress Tailored for very special occasions.
  •  25 ° by Teress comfort line for casual but engaging appearance.