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Aram Nikolyan | NIKOLYAN

Nikolyan Fashion Studio was founded in 2003, during a harsh time for fashion industry in Armenia. It is now one of the leading brands. Aram Nikolyan creates clothing that get along with today's fashion while using the rich culture of Armenia and its traditions. The uniqueness of the garments that Aram Nikolyan designs is inspired by his mother land. Aram Nikolyan held the following runaway shows: 2007 “Rock on the Rock”, 2011 “Yerevan”, 2014 “My Dream”, 2015 “Urfa”, 2016 “Ayntap”, 2017 “Parajanov”. In 2019 the designer participated in the “Pitti Super” international exhibition-sale, where he presented a capsule collection. Aram Nikolyan’’s clothes created for the “Fashion Road: Dialogue Across Borders” organized by the British Council in 2012 are still displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Aram Nikolyan has participated in a number of foreign exhibitions, such as the Stroganov’s International Competition, the ART Biennale in Malta, the International Costume Competition, and more. He is the partner of the “Through its Women Mentoring Program” event. A. Nikolyan is the designer-stylist of a number of music videos, solo concerts, concert programs. Aram Nikolyan works with many Armenian celebrities, but he is also well-known to the general public. The Nikolyan Fashion Studio keeps targeting at developing the fashion industry in Armenia and even more, to make know Armenia abroad through creative design work.

With his collection full of Armenianness and Armenian accents, Aram Nikolyan “talks” of important and profound issues not visible to the naked eye. For the creation of the collection, which will be presented at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK, Aram Nikolyan has been inspired by the image of Armenian woman who, going through a number of hardships through centuries, has not given up and remained true to herself. Another source of inspiration has been Pop Art - a new direction for Aram as a designer. “Eclecticism” – the name of the collection speaks for itself: geometric lines, oversize forms, a combination of classic and sporty and in addition to all – a mixture of the Armenian theme and Pop Art: the latter is a novel phenomenon in the Armenian Art and Fashion reality. A differentiating element of the collection is the special type of a print that contains the message of the whole collection - a result of cooperation of Aram Nikolyan and two Pop Art artists.