Anjel Darchinyan | DAJELI

Anjel Darchinyan wa born on January 7, 1991. Growing up in the heart of Yerevan, she developed a deep passion for art and design, setting her on a path to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. Fueling her desire to explore new realms of creativity and refine her craft, Anjel embarked on a transformative journey to Milano. There, she enrolled in the esteemed Milano Istituto Marangoni, where she dedicated herself to obtaining a Master’s degree in Fashion Design. The fashion capital of the world provided her with invaluable experiences, honing her technical skills and exposing her to the latest international fashion trends.

In 2016, Anjel Darchinyan returned to her hometown of Yerevan, inspired by her Armenian heritage and armed with a fresh perspective on design. Establishing her own eponymous brand “DAJELI”, she seamlessly blends minimalism with contemporary sensibilities, crafting captivating pieces that resonate with fashion enthusiasts around the world. With an acute attention to detail and an intuitive understanding of fabric and form, she creates collections that are visually striking and thoughtfully designed, evoking emotions and empowering those who wear her creations.

A defining moment for DAJELI’was in 2023 when the first flagship store was opened in Yerevan. As DAJELI continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, she aspires to expand her brand’s influence globally and captivate a diverse audience. Through her designs, Anjel aims to inspire confidence and individuality, encouraging individuals to embrace their personal style and celebrate their uniqueness.

‘’In the Middle of Chaos and Order’’ – a name, arousing intrigue and numerous questions. ‘’Dajeli” presented its collection to the world at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK. The designer Anzhel Darchinian says she is entirely happy only when she’s right on the edge - between chaos and order: on the one hand, you need to show up to work, keep the deadlines, do what it takes to feel alive, while on the other hand, you need some chaos to go crazy, to disassemble, be destroyed, to meet the chaos inside so that you could CREATE.  The designer hopes those, wearing DAJELI, a mixture of basic pieces and eye-catching, statement elements, will have the same feeling as her – both chaos and order inside.