Armine Ohanyan | Guest designer | ARMINE OHANYAN PARIS

It's a questioning of digital evolution in the world, where movement represents a form of evolution and constantchange towards the future, while preserving the codes of the past. It's a vision that combines new technologies and craftsmanship, namely Techno-Couture / Prêt-à-Porter. The creative process is fuelled by the desire to preserve the KNOW-HOW and CRAFTSMANSHIP of the past, while adding an exceptional dimension linked to NEW TECHNOLOGIES such as laser cutting, thermoforming, 3D printing, NFT and so on. Many of the collections are designed using leftover stocks of materials from luxury brands. The designer merges Art and Fashion, calling on NON-WASTE and practising LIMITED EDITION by making capsule collections in collaboration with artists or craftsmen, and expresses a new way of conceiving fashion while highlighting craft and the MADE IN FRANCE. All the collections are designed in PARIS using a special material creation technique. These multiple creative approaches conjure up a brand with a futuristic Techno-Couture / Prêt-à-Porter blend. In Yerevan Fashion Week Armine Ohanyan is presenting her collection as a guest designer.

A confrontation between the digital world and reality, Armine Ohanian’s new collection – “CYBERDISTORTION”, presented at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK, reflects the contradictions we’re living at sociological, ecological and geopolitical level, in the middle of inequality, human losses and the desire to live. The distorted reality is passing through another prism, the human being, taking charge of his role as a fighter, takes the know-how and heritage of the past, the old culture and transfers it to the future. We are the ones who are in control of the future.