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The "Teryan Cultural Center" NGO was established in 2004. The institute engages in cultural, literary, educational, and national security-related endeavors. It focuses on the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage, as well as the popularization of national values and their application in contemporary society. Contributes to cultural activities, creative project implementation, and events. The center undertakes a unique and extremely valuable initiative to restore, modernize, implement, and disseminate traditional culture and folk art. The center is engaged in Armenian national history by restoring and accurately recreating apparel and costume, in consultation with ethnographers and other experts in the field. Today, the "Teryan Cultural Center" has a modernized ethno-clothing and accessories production organization that is not only involved in their creation, but is also a unique educational platform where anyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality, or social standing, can acquire traditional crafts and folk handicraft skills and professional knowledge. Lilit Melikyan, an artist-designer and a candidate of art, is the CEO and art director of the institute. Her efforts resulted in the establishment of a new school of modeling modern apparel with ethnic elements, which is now a distinct design movement with a large following.

Teryan Cultural Center’s “The Future of the Present” collection, presented at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK, involves pieces of women’s and men’s traditional costumes based upon apparel prototypes from various regions of Western and Eastern Armenia (Van-Vaspurakan, Syunik-Artsakh, Bardzr Hayk, Ayrarat etc).
The collection gives a clear and thorough understanding about the colorful and amazing traditions of Armenian taraz. All the pieces are handmade and manifest the maturity of aesthetic taste of the Armenian people. Teryan Cultural Center, remaining faithful to its mission, keeps on preserving and disseminating Armenian cultural heritage, restoring national costumes and traditions of national handcraft.