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Inga Manukyan | LOOM Weaving

Designer Inga Manukyan gratuated State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, Fashion and Textile Design Unit. During her studies she was inspired by the spiritual culture and uniqueness of Armenian carpet weaving with an idea to bring back that tradition into the fashion and to accumulate ethnic lines, handmae technics with modern trends by offering unique knitwear clothes. And only long after her sister encouraged her and they they decided to stimulate the production of modern knitwear garments in Armenia.

In 2014, two sisters have established LOOM Weaving an Armenian brand of knitwear garments where each item is a unique piece created by mixing handmade embroidery with modern style and as a result receiving cozy and cute, bold and bright, ultra-fashionable and fabulous product. Since then the brand was actively participating in various fashion fairs and shows in Yerevan, Kiev, Moscow and Milan where the presented collections were highly appreciated by fashion critics and buyers. The brand also participated in Fashion Scout London. LOOM Weaving has 2 showrooms in Yerevan along with other designers/brands 5Concept and Cocos Island. The brand is presented in various cities including Kiev, Moscow, Talin, Zurich, Los Angeles as well as different online channels/official pages etc.

"We use various shapes, silhouettes, distinctive knitting technics and color combinations in our beautifully designed knitwear collection of cardigans, sweaters, dresses, scarves, jackets, skirts and hats, which are practical and stylish. We are guided by the world fashion trends in developing exclusive design of knitwear, using original mixture of exquisite intarsia and the best natural yarns in endress color combinations." LOOM Weaving is building a new route for Armenian knitwear production to design, develop, weave and above all... CREATE!

The LOOM collection, which was presented at YEREVAN FASHION WEEK, reflects the other side of the word beauty and its emotional aspect through pastel warm colors and strong shapes. It gives us an idea about the contrast of beauty in nature. By this collection the designer wants to state that beauty can be found everywhere in nature in all it obscure forms deviating from standard criteria and perceptions.