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Mary Petrosyan | LUSAVOR


LUSAVOR offers unisex silver jewelry designed and crafted in Armenia with Love.
LUSAVOR is an Armenian word meaning full of light. It is the light that lies at the core of its idea. In the modern world, there is too much negativity, and people may unintentionally succumb to the belief that darkness prevails. However, we want to fight against this!
Each of our customers will have a piece of light so that in their darkest moments, they can look at our product, smile, and share it with others! This way, our world will become brighter (Lusavor). We want you to have a life with lots of light, cool friends, beautiful sunsets, warm hugs, unforgettable sunrises, cozy evenings…and finally we want you to fill yourself with that light and be the best in it. Stay true to the light.