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Nelly Tadevosyan | Demiurge

Demiurge, a word may be familiar to some but not to everyone. Digging into the world of Demiurge one will understand the iconic meaning behind the word, which is Creator in Greek.
As we evolve, and continue to discover our earth, Demiurge represents the idea behind a creator of the Nature. Everything is build around the statement of nature and human connection to the latter. One may say, that there is something quite unique and magical behind this nature that we live and see today. A creator, which in this case lives inside each of us, is put inside the brand’s magnificent artworks. The artisanal pieces, which are to be worn by one carrying the mind of a creator, are made with natural stones, by our own hands.
Demiurge wants to signify the importance of nature and how easily one can see beauty and nature everywhere. This is where the relationship between subject and object reverses. And what was seen, reveals the seer. Our vision helps people to be able to see and feel nature everywhere, especially on them. The eyes of the beholder find not just beauty where they want, but also shallowness, ugliness, confusion, and prejudice. Which is to say the beholder will always see what they want to see. Demiurge would like to help you to see nature through the creator’s lenses.