Pitti Super 14: Fashion Fair in Milan

19th - 22nd September, 2019


They have the shapes, colors, and personalities of the land they come from. They are the collections of the nine brands selected to represent the new Armenian fashion scene at Super. A crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Armenia inspires and astounds for its ability to combine ancient Caucasian traditions with the creativity of its young designers. Our Armenian designers cooperated with Fashion and Design Chamber which gave them the opportunity to take part in Pitti 14 and represent the new Armenian fashion scene at Super. 9 of the Armenian brands were chosen to participate, which were Aram Nikolyan, KIVERA NAYNOMIS, Soncess, RUZANE, Damink, LOOM Weaving, MADE, Teress, Demiurge. The participation was supported by the European Union in Armenia SMEDA project with the initiative of #EU4Business.

Aram Nikolyan-Aram Nikolyan creates clothing that gets along with today's fashion while using the rich culture of Armenia and its traditions. The uniqueness of the garments that Aram Nikolyan designs are inspired by his motherland. LOOM Weaving- Manukyan sisters, who are also the founders of the brand have created a collection that imbues the antique practice of embroidery stitched by hand with a modern and luminous style, which is bold at intervals. A wardrobe with a practical and elegant spirit, where every garment is a unique piece. KIVERA NAYNOMIS-This brand was founded by Arevik Simonyan and today, it is one of the most beloved luxury fashion brands on the Armenian market. The collections of Kivera take their cue from the teachings of classic tailoring to construct a sophisticated tribute to the cultural, artistic, and architectural traditions of Armenia. RUZANE- Ruzane’s clothes are chic, sophisticated but also casual and boho. Collections are designed for a sophisticated dresser with strong individuality and meticulous attention to detail. SONCESS- SONCESS create unique collections of ready-made clothes with particular focus on casual and luxury casual styles, inspired by free spirit and aspiration to be different. Character created by SONCESS is a bold, distinct and eternal creature that is not afraid to transform herself, to experiment or to create. MADE-MADE is an artisanal platform where people are revived, directed, enriched, taught and encouraged artisanal skills among locals and endow them with the ability to start their true careers. Their goal is to help to find your design identity, be unique,  become consistent, achieve profitability and sell. Teress-The bon ton dress is at the center of the stylistic research of Teress that always manages to combine retro-styled feminine looks with the latest fashion themes, like the relationship between man and nature. Water, earth, and sun can be found in the spring-summer 2020 collection bearing the name of one of the most well-known Greek islands, Santorini, evoking its lifestyle with soft and romantic lines and colors that pass from pastel to those that are strong and distinctive. Demiurge-Dark, mysterious, occasionally gothic. Nature serves as the model for Demiurge jewels. These are the origins of accessories that become talismans, seemingly coming from faraway and timeless worlds, with an ever-present animal spirit guide. Finally, attention to detail and to small precious stones is what makes this collection a genuine expression of new Armenian creativity. Damink-DAMINK was founded by Damian Hovhannisyan. He combined both his talents and created an outstanding brand that brings the moments captured by the camera in the physical world in the form of fashion piece. Each DAMINK pieces are carefully and creatively thought about and uniquely executed as a modern and sophisticated “walking” piece of art.