28th November, 2019

"Syllabus" creative caravan

The Syllabus Creative Idea Lab is the initiative of two partner organizations - the Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia and MADE artisanal, with the primary objective to empower regional communities, strengthen the ownership of their cultural craft heritage, develop business ideas and support the revival of creative industries based on the modern market demand. The main goal of the creative Syllabus is to support the empowerment of regional communities and individuals involved in the creative field, to develop the skills of craftsmen based on the development of new ideas/technologies and the demand of the modern market.

Within the framework of the project, a mobile creative workshop has been equipped with modern technological equipment, tools and materials, where various workshops /training related to the creative field can be held. The mobile workshop will serve as a powerful and flexible tool for moving from community to community and working with local craftsmen to develop their skills and knowledge. The project was funded by the European Union "Support to SME Development in Armenia" SMEDA project.