YFW international press

international press

In 2023, Yerevan Fashion Week marks a major milestone for the Armenian fashion industry by showcasing the Armenian fashion industry to the international scene. The renowned international press, our storytellers, bring their unique perspectives, creativity, and passion to showcase the Armenian fashion industry to the world. We are immensely grateful for their presence and dedication to spreading this vital message globally. The international press is Fucking Young, L’Officiel , Jamalouki, Vogue, WeAr Global Magazine, Marie Claire, LE MILE Magazine, Buro, Madame Figaro, Pitti Immagine, White Milano, Elle Italy, Blueprint Russia, Fault Magazine. From all over the world, they will be here in Armenia to capture the essence of the first-ever Yerevan Fashion Week.

Adriano Batista @adriano.fy :  Fucking Young 

Giorgia Cantarini @giorgiacantarini : L'Officiel Italia 

Farah Abouljoud @farahabouljoud : Jamalouki Magazine 

Daniele Comunale : Vogue Italy

Kristina Gligorovska : WeAr Global Magazine

Farah Kreidieh : Marie Claire Arabia

Chidozie Obasi : LE MILE Magazine

Jessica Bounni @jessicabounni : Senior editor at Buro Middle East 

Nicole Sai @nicole.sai : Media Business Development Manager At Madame Figaro Arabia 

Luca Rizzi @luca__rizzi : Tutoring and Consulting Director At Pitti Immagine

Brenda Bellei Bizzi: CEO at White Milano

Masha Fedorova: Co-founder of DIVNO, ex-editor at Vogue Russia

Andrea Varga: Director at I.DEA PR

Martyn Roberts: Founder of Fashion Scout

Giulia Pacella: Journalist & fashion editor at Elle Italy

Alexander Perepelkin: Editor in chief at BLUEPRINT RUSSIA

Miles Holder: Editor in chief at Fault Magazine

Nikolay Ovechkin: stylist

Alexandr Rogov: influencer/ stylist

Roberto De Rosa: influencer/traveller

Aliona Doletskaya: journalist / fashion influencer and expert

Flo Baronian: influencer

Olga Shuranova: stylist

Prepare to be mesmerized as over 20 talented Armenian fashion designers present their inspiring collections during the first Yerevan Fashion Week.

YFW is funded by the Ministry of Economy, GIZ Private Sector Development and TVET South Caucasus Programme, UK international development provided by the British Embassy Yerevan and private sponsorship through VREMENA GODA, LA BIOSTHETIQUE Paris, Schweppes, ArtLife.