12 Feb - 14 Feb 2022

SMM from A to Z for fashion

“SMM from A to Z for fashion” courses Trainer: Tigran Matinyan / Call to Action - Digital Marketing Agency The course is a complete, advanced course in Social Media Marketing. The pa...
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24 Jul - 25 Jul 2021

Seminar on “Turn Plastic Waste into Art”

Seminar on “Turn Plastic Waste into Art” in collaboration with ISSD - Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities in the framework of the project at uniting creative ge...
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11 Mar - 11 Mar 2021

Seminar on Fashion & textile industry development

Seminar on Fashion & textile industry development, global trends & tendencies for Armenian State Pedagogical University students to share the best existing practices with the younger generatio...
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09 Nov - 19 Nov 2019

Handcraft & Business skills development for community empowerment

Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia in collaboration with MADE / ՄԵՅԴ & Dilijan Community Center Դիլիջանի համայնքային կենտրոն had 10 days training/workshop courses on Pr...
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20 Dec - 20 Dec 2018

My Costing Process

Correct definition and calculation of costing is essential for pricing and competitiveness of any business. However, taking into account seasonality, variety of suppliers cand be tricky in the fashion...
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16 Jul - 28 Jul 2018

Fashion collection development from A-Z

Paper cuts, magazines torn, pencils, textile cuts, glue and coffee — that’s what you’d ran into, if you happened to visit FDC office during whole July, 2018. 13 Armenian designers we...
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12 Jul - 13 Jul 2018

The Art of Pleating

Pleating is a unique art and technique, always renowned on the top of fashion and used by renowned haute-couture brands. While in Armenia only classic pleating is used, this art develops world-wide.&n...
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18 Jun - 18 Jun 2018

Starting business in fashion

The first part of the training was on How to start a business in fashion ? How about Armenian taxes and business legislation? What are the first steps in establishing business etc? All these and many...
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09 Apr - 04 Dec 2018

Pattern making

Pattern making is an art. It is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to one or more curves of the human figure. Pattern making is a bridge function between design and...
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22 Mar - 23 May 2018

Social media for fashion

Social media has become the main communication channel for every business, and every industry has its own social media promotion features. We invited trainer Grigor Avetisyan...
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